This is a summary of everything the developers said in the livestream of May 26th, the one dedicated to the fifth anniversary of Dead by Daylight.


The current matchmaking system is using ranks, but the ranking system is more time-based (including monthly resets). They're going to use a new algorithm which was already implemented on the backend but only used for simulations.

And about the early game, they'll look into a mechanic similar to the Endgame Collapse, but focused on the early game.


The Crossplay & the Crossfriends is coming this year and will be released in two waves: Steam & Windows Store first, then PS4 + XB1 + Switch later.


They said the graphics will be redone to make Dead by Daylight keep up with the next gen games. They'll review all special effects and animations because they want to deep-dive into the core aspect of Dead by Daylight: the Horror.