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Alien could be the license to celebrate the 7th Anniversary of Dead by Daylight

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The last time I wrote such an article I managed to anticipate the arrival of Pinhead on Dead by Daylight, so let’s try again.

Alien is a license wanted since ever on Dead by Daylight, fans demand it loudly and Behaviour Interactive knows it, so much so that it was included in the now famous survey that asked users with which brand they wanted a collaboration (and some of those actually arrived, such as Silent Hill, Resident Evil, The Ring, Attack on Titan, so who knows if the next collaboration is really Alien), and the movements around this IP let hope.

For those who don’t know what they’re talking about, Alien was born in 1979 from an idea by Dan O'Bannon and Ronald Shusett, directed by Ridley Scott and produced by 20th Century Fox, still considered one of the masterpieces of Ridley Scott and one of the best science fiction films ever.

After the incredible success of the first film, others followed, with some crossover films with Predator, but no film succeeded in surprising as the first of Ridley Scott.

Since 1979, the fanbase of Alien has become huge, and huge is also the desire that the community has to see it on Dead by Daylight.

On the other hand after the Demogorgon from Stranger Things, Ghostface from Scream, Pyramid Head from Silent Hill, the Nemesis from Resident Evil and all the other licensed content, nothing seems impossible, and so dreaming is more than permissible, but there is something that could make these dreams, something actually real.
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The license of Alien in fact has found a way to assert itself in the world of video games thanks to Alien: Isolation, a first-person shooter horror game developed by The Creative Assembly and published by SEGA in 2014, and that is considered one of the most successful horror single player games and one of the very few tie-ins worthy of note, with an incredible artificial intelligence and well-groomed technical side.

From that moment on, fans of Alien began to grow even within video games, eager to see maybe an Alien: Isolation 2, which due to the uninspiring sales of the first chapter, has not yet become reality. And it is therefore on Dead by Daylight that all hopes are shifted to finally see Alien in a well-known horror product, after arriving on Fortnite in 2021.

So why could Alien actually arrive on Dead by Daylight? The answer is very simple, never before as in this period, this license is being exploited in many ways in the videogames, from the 2021 Multiplayer CO-OP Aliens Fireteam Elite, to the 2021 collaboration with Fortnite I told you about before, the announcement a few months ago of a new Alien game in 2023, and a new announcement a few days ago of another single player Alien game.

Among all these projects that involve the license of Alien, I do not see why not include Behaviour Interactive, that as mentioned above, after all the collaborations that has done and will continue to do, it would not be impossible to see a crossover between Alien and Dead by Daylight, especially if the license is also granted to new studios such as Cold Iron Studios that before Aliens Fireteam Elite had not developed anything, indeed, it was their first game, so it shouldn’t be difficult in theory to agree on a partnership.

What do you think? Would you like Alien on Dead by Daylight?

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