Dead by Daylight – New infos about Anniversary Event & New Skins/Item Render


There are more info about anniversary event and there are also new render for the new skins coming in v4.0.0! Read More…

We managed to get the renderings of some skins and items arriving with v4.0.0 and also new information regarding the new anniversary event (which I remind you, will begin on June 23rd and end on July 7th), and the "special texts" that will appear during Anniversary while loading the match.

Thanks to Masusder for the Infos & Benj for the Renders.


The event is exactly the same of the Lunar Event Lanterns. There will be a crown on a Pillar and Survivor & Killer they will have to collect them. The name of this event is "Collection".

This is the Pillar Crown that will be in the maps:

These will be the special flashlights & medikits that can be found in the bloodweb during the event:


• New Nea outfit
- Name: "Graff-Crafter"
- Description: "She hit the streets with her art to escape the mundane life she'd been forced to live miles away from her home country."
- Collection: "Neon Swirl"

• New Legion outfits for Susie, Joey, Julie and Frank (every outfit has the same name and description because they are just variants)
- Name: "Lost Mascot"
- Description: "A gaping hole spilled the mysterious remains of ancient, lost realms. A grinning mascot outfit trickled down from the pile of items, landing at the feet of The Legion."
- Collection: "Robbie the Rabbit"


During the anniversary, there will be texts written by the developers that will appear during the loading of the game. They are really too many and I would not be able to write them all here, I am writing a couple of them, if you want to read them all there is the file in the #archive chat on our server discord.

• By Mathieu, Game Director:
- I think we did a pretty good job, so far.
- Don't forget to call your mom.
- Thank you! Yes, YOU! If you weren't playing this game, all of us would have to be working on something else. And working on DbD is just awesome!

• By Jean-Baptiste, Sound Designer:
- Sometimes you don't realize it but your ears are actually very scared.
- Did you know that the footstep sounds are actually the sound of real feet recorded in their natural environment? No feet were harmed or endangered during the recording process.
- The loud chase music is here to cover the sounds of the survivors in order to give them a chance to escape.

• By Amine, Gameplay Programmer
- Who put confetti all over my code?

By Dominic, Playtest Coordinator
- Is it already bugged?

• By Sarah, UI Design Lead
- Back before Alpha, Matt Cote asked for some name suggestions for the Killer who eventually became The Trapper. Being a goof, I suggested "Chuckles".
- Turns out other folks liked it and that was his in-game name up until Beta! He'll always be my sweet boy.

- Sometimes I make extra icons and put them in the build files for people to find. What could they mean? So mysterious...

By Michael, 3D Artist
Hi Mom!

By Joshua, QA Team Lead
99 little bugs in the game, 99 little bugs. Take one down, patch it around, 103 little bugs in the game!

By Simon-David, Dev QA
- Is this a feature or a bug?

By Kendji, 3D Artist
Even if you're a noob, you still have a place in the party. Being the bait is a huge honor!

By Louis, Gameplay Programmer
- When developing The Plague, we had discussions about whether to model the attack like a vomit assault rifle, a vomit flamethrower, or a vomit shotgun. Not only did 'Vomit Assault Rifle' end up being the direction we went with, it's also a great name for a band.

By not_Queen
I started to play Survivor when The Nurse could blink 7 times. I like to say that I learned DBD on hard mode.

By Dave, Creative Director
- The only ice cream flavors available in the Entity's realms are 'Horse Flesh' and 'Pain'.

By Matt, Design Director
- No, I’m the other Matt. With three T’s.

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