The Dead by Daylight Devs, Behaviour Interactive, is working on an exclusive AAA game for XBOX


Behaviour Interactive on an exclusive AAA game? Read More…

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Apparently, the Dead by Daylight team is working on an exclusive AAA for Xbox.

From the curriculum of a developer of Behaviour Interactive, in fact, it emerged that they are working from 2019 to a AAA game for XBOX and PC (this suggests the exclusivity of the project) developed in Unreal Engine 4.

The developer is precisely a level designer:

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This does not automatically mean that it is a game developed entirely by Behaviour Interactive, there is also the possibility that it is acting as a support team for a project of another development team (Behaviour has worked on many games as a support team, recently, for example, helped the Codemasters in the development of Dirt 5).

So we don’t know if it’s actually a new Behaviour Interactive game, or if they’re working as a support team for another game.

We’ll find out when it’s officially announced.

What do you think about it?

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