Behaviour Interactive – Two New Original Games Scheduled for 2023 & A New Studio in Toronto: Dead by Daylight 2 is Coming?


Two new games scheduled for 2023! Read More…

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After several games and collaborations with other development studios, in 2010 Behaviour Interactive launches on the market 'Naughty Bear', game that sold over 800,000 copies and from which the desire to refine the thesis of the bad boy in video games, then they developed the prototype of a board game, which then became a split-screen product so that the killer and the survivor could not see each other, and that in 2016 is presented to the world under the name of Dead by Daylight.

In 2017 Behaviour Interactive itself pays Starbreeze to become the publisher of its own product, which will allow it to more closely monitor player feedback, and to become one of the largest indie companies in the country, with 225 million dollars earned up to last year, 50 million players, and a triplication of employees of the company that have reached almost 1000 developers.The growth of Behaviour Interactive continues with the opening of a new studio in Toronto where it plans to employ at least 50 employees.In addition, currently the company, in addition to working on Dead by Daylight, is working on two original games that are planned to be released next year:

One of the two upcoming games next year could then be that, and the other maybe could be a sequel to Dead by Daylight with deeper and more diverse gameplay.

What do you think? Would you like it?

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