Dead by Daylight – New Info about Killer & Map of Chapter 16 + PTB time got changed!


News about PTB, Killer & Map of the new chapter! Read More…

We have new information about the map and the killer of chapter 16, and also, thanks to Masusder on our discord, we have discovered that the time of the PTB has changed.


As you well know, the PTB is set to be released on the 26th, and the set time was the usual: 11 AM ET. Because of this, today some guys inside the leaksbydaylight discord server were wondering what sense it made to release the PTB before the livestream as it would make useless the reveal of chapter during the livestreaming a couple of hours later. So I went to the Dead by Daylight forum to ask for it, and Peanits, a community manager, confirmed to me that the PTB would come out after the livestreaming to avoid spoiling the chapter revelation while streaming.

About half an hour ago, the PTB release schedule was updated at 7 PM UTC.


The first draft of power was excessively strong, so much so that they had to change it, now the killer have an anti-loop power and the map will create many discussions. This information comes from people who know the new chapter.


Me and a guy from our Discord, TomatoSauce587, we collected all the clues related to this chapter and we shared our ideas, to then both arrive at a single killer that we both agreed: Pinhead.

Some people who know who the new killer is, say that the next killer will not be Candyman and will not be Pennywise. To this it must be added that Jason Voorhees is currently very difficult to obtain, although not impossible, but therefore it is better to make an agreement for the license when the lawsuit ends. Chucky we know that the developers don't want to put it for technical problems with the game, Pyramid Head is an extremely difficult license, and Alien has also been denied for this chapter. At this point, the only killer left that could also coincide with the words related to this chapter is Pinhead.

A couple of things to support why I think Pinhead could be the next killer:

The code map "Level_01" its possible related to the level/sides of the map, so a map that have cenobities world and "normal" world, as the stranger things map that have two sides different. And maybe also for this the map is going to create discussion, for the differents levels/sides.

The killer is antiloop: Pinhead have the chains that can help against the loop with ranged attacks;

"Classic license" could easily connect to pinhead, he is part of the classic horror killers;

"The map will create many discussions" maybe for the two various levels/different sides (as Stranger Things map), and/or because in the case of a map based on Pinhead, it will certainly be the Labyrinth which already from the name itself makes it clear that it will be a labyrinth from which it will be very difficult to find the generators as in the Saw map;

"Very emotional milestone for us": Mathieu Cote, the game director of Dead by Daylight, has always expressed his love for the series in interviews, and also said that Pinhead would be the most cult killer they would add;

"Mysterious survivor": it could be connected to the fact that in every film whoever finds the cube is always a different person, therefore the survivor is "mysterious" because it always changes.

The colors chosen to celebrate the fourth anniversary are black and gold, all the banners are black and gold and also the dead by daylight forum is completely black and gold. Guess what these same colors have? the Pinhead cube:

• The code name of the killer can sometimes have references to the chapter, for example in the case of the Freddy Krueger chapter, the code name was "England" which was a clear reference to "Englund" the actor who played Freddy Krueger in the movies, here too there is a particular connection between the code name of the killer/patch and "Hellraiser", the name of the Pinhead saga.

The code name of the patch/killer is Wales. There is a music band called "The Hellraiser" which has its origins in "Wales":

Many of you asked me who I think could be the next killer, now you know the answer.

And for you? who do you think could be the next killer?

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