Dead by Daylight – Chapter 17: Killer & Survivor purchasable only with auric cells + Skins & Cross-Play, another Licensed Chapter?


New leak about chapter 17. Read More…

There is a important new leak regarding the upcoming chapter of Dead by Daylight, the Chapter 17. Thanks to Masusder for finding it.

The next chapter of Dead by Daylight will contain a survivor and a killer that can only be purchased with auric cells, just as happened with chapter 16, which in fact turned out to be actually licensed.

That the moment of Candyman has arrived, originally scheduled for June and postponed after the postponement of the film?


Chapter XVII Cosmetics:
- New survivor:
3 outfits
2 recolor outfits
7 Body and Legs recolors

- New killer:
2 outfits
8 recolor outfits

Chapter XVII Crossplay Possibly, crossplay will be enabled in Chapter XVII for PS4, Steam, Nintendo Switch and Xbox.

In addition, codes were found that refer to enabling crossplay for PS4, Switch and Xbox with the release of chapter 17.

*Note: I remind you that chapter 17 is still in development and therefore all this could change, should it happen, we will obviously notify you.

Would you like to have Candyman on Dead by Daylight?

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