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Dead by Daylight – New Matchmaking, New Skins, Candyman Hints, All Chapter 16 Dates & Unknown DLC Page Updated

Waiting for the live streaming of the 26th, I summarize the dates regarding Chapter 16 leaked some time ago for those of you who don't know, and also, the codes found that refer to a new matchmaking, new skins, two "hints" about Candyman & the update of a unknown DLC page. Thanks to Masusder on our Discord for these leaks.


Within the game codes have been found some codes concerning a new matchmaking (that will certainly be discussed in the livestreaming of May 26th).

In addition, codes have been found that refer to different skins, precisely:

- New killer:
Basic outfit
Prestige outfit
1 Shop outfit

- New survivor:
Basic outfit
Prestige outfit
3 Shop outfits (one of them has variant)
6 Single Torso (in shop too, all of them are variants of basic outfit)

- Other:
1 Shop outfit for Jeff
1 Shop outfit for Legion (this outfit has 3 additional variants)
1 Shop outfit for Nea
1 Shop outfit for Deathslinger
3 Charms

Some of these skins may be placeholders.


Some of you have reported two very interesting things to me:

1) Anniversary banner on the Dead by Daylight forum:

Which is very reminiscent of this mural in the trailer of the Candyman film due out this year:

But, it must also be said that in reality it can also be simply a coincidence and that that skull is simply the fourth skull in the Dead by Daylight logo.

2) Tony todd's reply to a twitter user:

A couple of days ago a user on Twitter, @aggiewozere, left a comment under a tweet from Tony Todd (the actor who played Candyman in the 90s movies) where he told him he couldn't wait to play as Candyman on May 26th. Tony Todd first had "liked" the comment, and then wrote to him privately:

What do you think? That lol is more understood as "lol is not like this" or as "lol how do you know?" We just have to wait for the live of May 26th to find out.


Just waiting for the live streaming where chapter 16 of Dead by Daylight will be revealed, I remind you that:

• PTB Date: The Player Test Build of chapter 16 will start on May 26th and there will be a high priority to find the new map (code name Wal_Level_01), the priority will be high until June 5th.

LIVE Date: The chapter 16 of Dead by Daylight is currently scheduled to be released on June 16th.

• Anniversary Event: The event to celebrate the fourth anniversary of Dead by Daylight is scheduled to begin on June 23rd and end on July 7th.


As only one of the two has been updated this simply means that the two pages do not correspond to the same content, and therefore are not two paragraphs joined together to make a complete chapter. It could therefore mean that one of the two is the September chapter with Candyman (since it was supposed to come out in June and then was postponed due to the postponement of the film, his chapter is already ready and they have already created the page on Steam), and the other is obviously the June chapter that will be presented on the 26th.

Who would you like as a killer for chapter 16?

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