Dead by Daylight Leaks – Ghost Face will have new content + Gaming Habits Survey & Tome IV Conviction Info/Banner


News about Ghost Face, the new Tome & a new Survey. Read More…

Ghost Face will have new content, and there are new leaks regarding Tome IV and a survey that will be released in a few days.


Thanks to a tweet from R.J. Torbert, the one who holds the rights of the Ghost Face mask, we come to know that new agreements have been made to bring new content regarding Ghost Face to Dead by Daylight:

At the moment, as our collaborator Masusder also lets us know, there are no skins for Ghost Face in the mid-chapter and in the Chapter 17 of Dead by Daylight, so it could be something related to Ghost Face that are not new cosmetics.

Obviously the mid-chapter and the next chapter of Dead by Daylight are still in the development, so all this can change anytime.


As you have known for more than a month, the characters of tome 4 will be Meg Thomas, The Wraith, The Hag and Ace Visconti and last week we told you the name that would have the next tome: Conviction.

All this was confirmed by a post published on steam by mistake and then removed:

Image by u/Obsibian01


On July 20th a survey called Gaming Habits will be published on the social channels of Dead by Daylight:
"The Dead by Daylight team would like your feedback in a Gaming Habits survey.
We encourage you to be as honest as possible. The information and answers provided are anonymous, not shared with any third-party, and will not be used for purposes other than survey analysis."

Obviously the link will be functional from the moment the survey is made public.

What do you think of these new leaks? what do you think the new deal will be based on to bring new Ghostface content to Dead by Daylight?

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