Dead by Daylight – Summer Sales, Upcoming New Skins & Banners


There are new leaks about upcoming skins and new sales coming this month! Read More…

There are new leaks regarding the upcoming new skins, and also new discounts.
Thanks to Masusder & Th3Nigh7mare for these info.


As you know for about a month, there are two new skins arriving this month, one for Nea Karlsson and the other for Jeff Johansen.

Below you can see the two banners dedicated to these two new skins + some info:

• Nea Karlsson Outfit - Release Date July 3rd:
- Name: "Graff-Crafter"
- Description: "She hit the streets with her art to escape the mundane life she'd been forced to live miles away from her home country."
- Collection: "Neon Swirl"

• Jeff Johansen Outfit - Release Date 17th July:
Name: "Unhinged Rider"
Description: "Disillusioned and alienated by the now dystopian and desertic West Coast, Jeff hit the road never to return."
Collection: "Mad Road"

• Skins Models:


From July 8th to 22nd there will be 75% discounts on some outfits.


Stay out of the heat and enjoy these refreshing discounts: for two weeks, save up to 75% on a selection of outfits!

Offer ends July 22nd 11AM ET.

Discount limited to outfits purchased with Auric Cells.

20% OFF | 960 Auric Cells
- Nancy Justice Seeker
- Yui Wild Card
- Meg Fortune Teller
- The Legion Devil-May-Care – Joey
- The Ghostface Viper Ghost

30% OFF | 840 Auric Cells
- Steve This-is-not-Happening
- Zarina Guerilla Filmmaker
- Ash Water Trash
- Kate Main Headliner
- Laurie Wolf in Sheep Clothing
- The Deathslinger Double-Crossed

40% OFF | 720 Auric Cells
- Jane Photoshoot Ready
- The Trapper Seaside Psycho
- Claudette Spring Break
- The Doctor Lord Chloroform

50% OFF | 600 Auric Cells
- The Wraith The Angel of Music
- Dwight The Great Gas Jockey
- Nea Northern Lights
- The Plague Sea-Goat Worshiper
- The Hillbilly Buoy on the Beach

75% OFF | 300 Auric Cells
- Jeff Gallery Opening Gala
- Ace The High Roller
- The Nurse Kampo Trainee
- Adam Freshman
- The Hag Queen of the Mire

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