Dead by Daylight – Tome 4 Info Leaks, Konami Code Easter Egg, Pyramid Head Without “Mask”, & Reminder Chapter 16 & Anniversary Dates


New leaks about Tome 4 & Silent Hill Chapter! Read More…

There is new information regarding the next tome of Dead by Daylight, the Tome 4, thanks to Th3Nigh7mare. Also, for those who have asked me, I will show you Pyramid Head without its "mask" thanks to the render of BenJ, the konami code easter egg found by Masusder and, for those who still do not know them, I rewrite you the dates of chapter 16 release and the Anniversary Event.


The first two characters that will be part of tome 4 will be The Hag and The Wraith (have been found missions for both killers), and in addition, the tome 4 will contain 5 levels.

I remind you that tome 4 is still in production so these things could change. Thanks to Th3Nigh7mare & Masusder for this info.


The new chapter of Dead by Daylight, the Silent Hill Chapter, will contain a very special Easter Egg, linked to the Konami Code.

You will need to make a particular combination with the keyboard/gamepad that will trigger a particular sound:

• PC: W, W, S, S, A, D, A, D, Right Mouse Button, Left Mouse Button, Enter.

• CONSOLE: Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Start.

To activate this Easter Egg you will have to play as Cheryl Mason or Pyramid Head.

If you do it correctly, this sound will start:


Some of you wrote to me asking for Pyramid Head without his "mask", thanks to BenJ here is a render of him without the "Pyramid":


The date of Chapter 16 and the date of the Anniversary Event have been known for about a month and a half, but maybe some of you don't know it yet, so I remind you:

• The Chapter 16 will be released on June 16th and there will be a higher chance of finding the new map until June 23rd;

The anniversary event will begin on June 23rd and end on July 7th.

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