Dead by Daylight – 50 million players and 2 Million Players per Day: the Huge Success Celebrated with Another License in June for the Anniversary?


Dead by Daylight its a huge success. Read More…

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It’s been almost six years since Dead by Daylight was released by Starbreeze Studios, and nearly four (tomorrow will be four) since Behaviour Interactive acquired the publishing rights to the game for 16 million dollars from Starbreeze, then completely appropriating his creature.

Since then, the game has never ceased to surprise the company and fans, between collaborations with well-known characters in the world of horror cinema and video games (and not only), and sales numbers that have led him to be one of the most famous horror games of all time, and that today reaches the incredible figure of 50 million players (that is, people who, through free trials or buying the game, has turned dead by daylight at least once), with 2 million people who access the game every day.

These are incredible numbers that could be 'celebrated' in some way in June, with the sixth anniversary of the game.

As I told you in another previous article, in recent anniversaries there have always been licensed chapters, and the chapter of Sadako released in March even more reinforces this hypothesis, since if there was no license in June it would not make sense at the marketing level to 'burn' the license of Sadako in March instead of in June to celebrate the anniversary.

For many fans, the next license coming to Dead by Daylight is Five Nights at Freddy’s:

What do you think about it? What license would you like on Dead by Daylight?

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