Dead by Daylight Leaks – 6th Anniversary Chapter: Survivor & Killer Power Leaked – The Killer will be Licensed?


Anniversary Chapter Leaked. Read More…

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The survivor of the new chapter will be called Haddie Kaur, will be an original character, and will be an Indian psychic investigator.

As for the killer instead, it will have a power that will allow him to interact with the lockers, that is, to enter and exit, also one of the perks of the survivor will allow to blind the killer, while instead one of the perks of the killer will be something about the pallets.

The killer could be on license, thus separating the releases between survivor and killer as happened in the past.

*Note: I remind you as always that all this can change until the official release, as it is all still in development, until it will be officially announced by Behaviour Interactive.

What do you think about that?

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