Dead by Daylight Alien Chapter: Where Is Ellen Ripley?


Why doesn’t Ellen Ripley look like the actress?

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Suddenly, on an afternoon in early August, Behaviour Interactive decided to surprise everyone by releasing the teaser of what would later be the new licensed chapter of Dead by Daylight and which I anticipated months ago: Alien.

The community excited to finally see one of the community's most requested chapters finally arrive in their favorite game, where until a few months before they could only hope for it by looking at fan-made concepts of what it would look like inside the game.

Alien is indeed one of the most requested chapters by Dead by Daylight fans, but not only that, because in fact there was one unavoidable condition that fans wanted: Ellen Ripley, as well as the Xenomorph and the map.

And how can you blame them, after all, after the disappointment of Ghost Face arrived within the game without Sidney Prescott and without even the map, fans did not want another horror icon without her counterpart playing the heroine within the saga.

When the teaser was announced then, the question among fans was always the same: but will Ellen Ripley be there? Or will they make like Ghost Face and there will only be the killer?

The more observant will actually not have asked themselves this question, because those who followed the anniversary event, or simply those who read this site, will know that actually thanks to the roadmap released in June, it was known in advance that the August chapter would have a survivor, as well as a killer, moreover it was also known that it would be licensed, indeed, that there would even be two licensed chapters:

And again for the more observant, they will also have noticed a change in the release of content this year, with a completely different roadmap from that of previous years, instead of one chapter every three months, the September chapter was brought forward to August, thus staggering the release of all the others, which in fact will take place at very different times than normal, obviously those who follow the video game world the reason is quite obvious, because Behaviour Interactive decided to release a licensed chapter in August and not in June with the anniversary most likely to counteract the other licensed product coming up in August, on the 18th, the Leatherface game which is actually very good and relies on developers who by now have some experience with the asymmetrical multiplayer horror genre, so much so that they worked on Friday the 13th The Game avoiding making the same mistakes as that project, and in fact were able to revolutionize the genre by aiming for a 3vs4 instead of the usual 1vs4, moreover leaks have come out regarding the new killers that will be coming in that game with even a probable collaboration:

But back to us, the teaser carried August 8 as the date, and since this time, compared to the last chapter in June, they managed not to have the content leaked, they also managed to enforce the date written in the teaser referring to the PTB, and so in the second week of August finally comes the reveal of Alien, and the confirmation, through the usual trailer that precedes the test-server release, of the presence of the survivor, as well as the killer and the map.

All excited then fans start downloading the PTB through Steam to try that product that has been waiting for far too long.

Several minutes then passed, people begin to wonder why Ellen Ripley looks different than the actress's likeness, and while on social media some try to defend it by saying that actually Susan Alexandra Weaver (the actress who plays Ellen Ripley in the Alien saga) does not like games that are too violent, and thus as if she was the one who denied the collaboration, the more intelligent ones who, on the other hand, do not believe that hypothesis by criticizing the person who thought of it, obviously bring up a glaring example, which the person who invented that hypothesis evidently does not know because of little knowledge of video games, because Alien is the protagonist of a jaw-dropping horror video game, namely Alien: Isolation, in which Ellen Ripley is there, with the actress's likeness:
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So why does it appear different in Dead by Daylight?

The truth at the moment is not known, and who knows if it will ever be known, so one can only speculate, and knowing how these things work, my guess is that in reality, they probably agreed that 90% of the people who will buy the chapter will do so to play with Alien, and that therefore paying the actress to get the rights to represent her within the video game, and then selling it for only $6.99, was not worth it.

Just as they probably did not see fit to develop a power for the Xenomorph that was more ''studied'' than it currently is, thus deciding to simply take power from the Demogorgon (which is no longer for sale anyway having lost its license, so all the more reason people can't even buy it anymore) and change it slightly by adapting it for the Xenomorph.

In fact, the Demogorgon also used to move through portals scattered around the map, the difference being that that power was criticized precisely for having to stand there and manually place them, wasting a lot of time, so they changed it by putting them directly within the map, with the player only having to decide where to exit (like Krueger's power with generators, well yes, ideas in Dead by Daylight are always recycled from other existing powers).

Yes, it is true, Dead by Daylight has increased its user base in recent years, attracting people of all ages and even people who have little knowledge of video gaming in its totality and the horror world, and so the only thing they are looking for is simply to have fun playing perhaps with the Xenomorph by exploiting a power that is very simple to use.

But the moment those people start to get into the Alien saga, deciding to see even just the first movie, and going to read up on what the power of the Demogorgon is (was) within Dead by Daylight, I'm sure they will be disappointed by the ''laziness'' with which it was developed, and that is a shame, because Alien could have been the quantum leap that fans of this game deserved, and instead it is again a copy-paste of a power that already existed, with just a few more mechanics like turrets (this yes, very interesting, but not enough in my opinion).

I'm a fan of Dead by Daylight, of video games and the horror world, and just as I am, many others are expressing disappointment on socials about a power and Ellen Ripley likeness that really that does not reflect the expectations of the community, or at least, of a part of it.

What do you think about it?
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