Dead by Daylight – ALIEN is Coming as LICENSED KILLER for 6th Anniversary Chapter?


Alien is Coming? Read More…

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Alien may be coming to Dead by Daylight, or at least, that’s what the community is starting to assume.

The clue seems to come once again from the anniversary banner:

Remember two years ago when a user noticed the shape of the 4 in the anniversary banner, similar to the head of Pyramid Head? No one wanted to believe it, yet in the end it was Silent Hill the anniversary license, with the trailer reveal that ended with the 4 of the banner that formed the head of Pyramid Head.

Last year, however, many users noticed that the 5 in the anniversary banner resembled the weapon used by witches in Resident Evil 8. And in fact, the chapter turned out to be right on Resident Evil.

Even now the speculations have started based on the anniversary banner, and many think that with the new survivor, there may be Alien.

The reason for the speculations start from the banner, precisely with the number 6 reminiscent of the shape of the alien embryo, and the skull to the left of the banner has cracks, as if to want to remember the hatching of eggs:

There are also those who pointed out that The Observer has disappeared, could he have a connection to all this?

I remind you that the situation of licensed killer and original survivor has already happened once, which is with Pinhead and Mikaela Reid.

What do you think about it? Would you like to have Alien on Dead by Daylight?

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