Dead by Daylight – Annabelle The Conjuring/Chucky Collaboration Teaser for a Licensed Chapter 25 during the Season 2 of the Tv Series?!


The Chapter 25 will be licensed? Read More…

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With recent leaks about chapter 24 likely to be original, people are already theorizing about chapter 25.

In fact, in the new map of Haddonfield, a doll has been found on the ground, many have begun to theorize about an upcoming collaboration with Chucky or with Annabelle:

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At the end of this year should be released the second season of the TV series about Chucky, maybe they will take the opportunity for a collaboration with Dead by Daylight?

Annabelle of the Conjuring universe also has a new film in development.

I also remind you that teasers on upcoming projects have already happened, such as that of the Game Director of Dead by Daylight who made a teaser on Hellraiser about a year before its actual release in the game:

What do you think about it then? would you like a chapter on Chucky? or would you prefer Annabelle from The Conjuring?

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