Dead by Daylight Anniversary Livestream: Chapter 24, New Event & Big Reveals DATE + Texas Chainsaw Massacre Game: Ed Neal is Voicing The Hitchhiker!


News about upcoming anniversary livestream for dead by daylight & Ed Neal joining Texas Chainsaw Massacre Game! Read More…

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It’s coming the next chapter of Dead by Daylight that will celebrate the sixth anniversary of the game, and was also revealed the date when the new chapter, the new event, and new content will be revealed.

On May 17th at 1 PM EST will be broadcast the livestream for the 6th Anniversary.

For those who do not know, recently leaks have been published regarding the next chapter and the next event:

In addition, it was announced that the Texas Chainsaw Massacre game will also feature the original actor Ed Neal who will give voice to 'The Hitchhiker'.

For those who don’t know what game I’m talking about, I made several articles that you can find in the 'off-dbd' section:

Are you excited by these two news?

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