Dead by Daylight – Another Five Nights at Freddy’s Chapter Anniversary Teaser?


Another FNaF Chapter Teaser? Read More…

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The next chapter of dead by daylight that will be released in June, will be the chapter that will celebrate the sixth anniversary of the game, and usually on this special occasion, Behaviour Interactive publishes a licensed chapter, and it could happen again this year.
A few days ago was published a very strange tweet that could imply an upcoming chapter dedicated to the FNaF license:

And now another weird tweet has been published, with an audio that recalls the background noise in the Lèry map, but with in addition a 'glitch'/'disturbed' effect, typical of FNaF games (for example, even the game logo has the glitch effect):

dead by daylight leaksbydaylight dbd fnaf chapter teaser five nights at freddys behaviour interactive collaboration crossover playstation state of play hogwarts legacy xbox game pass the batman

What do you think about it?

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