Dead by Daylight – will Candyman come to a Horror Game? the actor who plays him, Tony Todd, says to wait


Another hint about the candyman chapter? Read More…

After various clues regarding a collaboration between DbD and Candyman from the actor who plays Candyman, Tony Todd, and also from Behaviour itself through the community manager of Dead by Daylight and from the discord staff:

Recently, Tony Todd, he left another clue about it.

To a user who asked him on twitter that he wanted to see Candyman in a horror game, he replied "just wait":


As mentioned earlier, Tony Todd & Behaviour has been throwing similar clues since last year.

If it hadn't been for COVID-19, the
Candyman Chapter probably would have already been out (e.g. the community manager's tweet referred to the chapter's anniversary release, and in fact the film was originally supposed to be out on June 12th, 2020), but with the postponements of the film, the collaboration with Dead by Daylight was also probably postponed, in fact it was then postponed to October 16th, then with the chapter scheduled for year-end in December, only to be postponed once again to August 27th, 2021, with the Dead by Daylight chapter probably coming out in September.

If it's not a chapter in collaboration with Dead by Daylight, the project Tony Todd is referring to could be the new licensed game of a horror franchise in development by Gun Media, but they would go "against" the clues that instead lead that game to be a licensed Halloween game. And above all, why interact with Dead by Daylight and its community, in that case?


Would you like a chapter on Candyman? are you going to see the movie in August?

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