Dead by Daylight Leaks – All Reminders about Chapter 19, Mid-Chapter 19.5, Next PTB & Tome VII Release Dates + Info & Cosmetics


All leaked info about chapter 19, mid-chapter 19.5, next ptb and next tome + some info & cosmetics. Read More…

These are all the release dates of the next content coming on
Dead by Daylight:


The Chapter 19, All Kill, will be released on March 23rd.

With the release of this new chapter, 11 new skins will be released for Yun Jin, of which 9 will be recolors. There will be one outfit that can be purchased for 1080 auric cells, and another that can be purchased for 675 auric cells or 13500 shards.

Also for The Trickster there will be new skins, precisely 10, of which 8 will be recolors. As well as for Yun Jin, there will also be a skin for him that can be purchased for 1080 auric cells, and another that can be purchased for 675 auric cells or 13500 shards.

Moreover, there will also be skins for Adam Francis, Felix Richter, Elodie Rakoto, Feng Min and Dwight Fairfield. Their cost will be 21600 shards/1080 auric cells.


A new skin for the Clown will be released on April 2nd, will cost 1080 auric cells. About ten days later, precisely on the 13th, the PTB to test Mid-Chapter 19.5 will be released.

The Mid-Chapter 19.5 release on all platforms is set for May 4th.

Within this mid-chapter, the graphical rework of a new realm will be contained, which, if they don't change their plans, will be Coldwind Farm.

Work on the next graphic rework is well underway, so this new graphical update may release even earlier than the mid-chapter release if they can complete it early.


These are the Tome VII release dates:

The Level I will be released on May 5th;
The Level II will be released on May 19th;
The Level III will be released on June 2nd;
The Level IV will be released on June 23rd;

The Rift will close on July 14th.

This new tome will focus on Plague, the Observer, and there will also be, for the first time, a licensed character: William 'Bill' Overbeck. Moreover, the 'red glyph' challenges will be replaced by the 'blue glyph' challenges, and the EXP needed to obtain a rift fragments will be reduced, from 800xp to 500xp.

*Note: I remind you that all this is still under development, so everything can still change until their official announcement.

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