Dead by Daylight – The Chapter 19 will be Original? the Lead Game Designer probably gives an important clue about it


The chapter 19 will probably be an original content. Read More…

In a couple of weeks it will be revealed whether the next chapter of Dead by Daylight will be licensed or original content. But perhaps, the developers have already given us an important clue about it.

I refer to the latest Q&A live stream where the Lead Game Designer explicitly said not to expect new maps in the near future because they are focused on modifying old maps graphically.

With the release of
mid-chapter patch v4.5.0 scheduled for February 9th, there will be four realms that will be remaining to complete the graphical reworks of the old maps, namely: Haddonfield, Backwater Swamp, Coldwind Farm and Red Forest.

As of September 2020, they made sure to release at least two graphical reworks for each patch (i.e. for each mid-chapter patch and for each chapter patch), it only happened once there was only one graphical reworks within the new patch, and it was the mid-chapter v4.3.0 which featured only the graphical rework of MacMillan Estate.

So, thinking about the amount of reworked realms present in each patch (i.e. two), we can assume that in the March chapter, and in the May mid-chapter, will be in both patches two graphical reworks, for a total of four realms. Doing so would mean that the graphical reworks for the old maps will be finished for the June chapter, and that we can therefore expect a chapter with a new map in June.

If so, it would mean that in March there will be an original chapter that will only have the survivor and the killer + the graphical rework of two old realms, just like the last two chapters released (the last map released in game was Silent Hill in June 2020, i.e. before the developers started modifying the old maps).

So, in case they were working with Capcom to celebrate Resident Evil's 25th anniversary, the licensed chapter could be expected in June, in order to celebrate both Resident Evil and Dead by Daylight anniversaries at the same time also giving him a new map, as happened for the Silent Hill chapter.

If you do not know why I'm talking about a probable collaboration with Capcom, the reasons are different, and they are summarized in these two articles that I did days ago:

What do you think about it? are you also convinced that in March there will be an original chapter or do you think there could be a licensed chapter?

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3 Years Ago

what about lery’s, glenvale, midwich?