Dead by Daylight – The Chapter 19 teasers could be other clues for the Resident Evil Chapter


The official teasers about chapter 19 could be other clues about a collaboration with Capcom? Read More…

Yesterday the speculations began regarding the next chapter of Dead by Daylight.

The major speculations are concerning a chapter on Five Nights at Freddy's, but after the denial of the creator of FNaF about not wanting to collaborate with other games at the moment as he is focused on producing his new game, there are many who no longer believe in an imminent collaboration between the two games.

So, I'm here to point out something I noticed in the Feng Min image next to all those monitors instead. It is something that no one has noticed, as the reference could be grasped only by those very few people who have played the game (mode) that I am about to name: Resident Evil Resistance.

The only speculation about it that I have read, is about the banner with which that project was presented, since in that image there are many monitors, which could be connected to the image of Feng Min, and also because, in that image there is also the glitch effect, which now has the new Dead by Daylight logo:

I, to your speculation, add another detail:
in Resident Evil Resistance, a person can impersonate the Mastermind, the one who, sitting on a station in front of many monitors, and using the cameras inside the map, he can generate monsters in specific positions (and also take control of them) to avoid the escape of survivors.

Look, on the left there is a screenshot of the gameplay trailer of Project Resistance, and on the right is the image published yesterday on the Dead by Daylight socials:

Not only that, I would like to point out another thing. The glitch effect is not randomly placed in the Resistance banner ad, but was an effect used throughout the game's marketing campaign, for example, in the first gameplay trailer, the glitch effect is used repeatedly, both in the game title, and both in specific words to explain how the gameplay works:

Obviously this does not mean that Dead by Daylight is doing a collaboration with Resident Evil Resistance, as the latter is a closed project, which will no longer have new updates, but it could mean that a collaboration with Resident Evil is on the way.

Also remember the probable clue left by the Dead by Daylight Game Director, and that Capcom is looking for new partners to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the saga (which is in March of this year).

If you don't know anything about it:

Also, I would like to point out one last thing, it has never happened that the teasers for an original chapter started with changing the Dead by Daylight logo.

What do you think about it?

Could it be the Resident Evil Chapter coming in March, or will it be an original chapter/another license for you?

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