About 3 months ago I wrote an article telling you how the next upcoming licenses could have been Hellraiser and The Evil Within, for pretty obvious reasons, and now one of them is actually coming.

This is the new chapter 21 teaser released:

This could mean that a licensed chapter about Hellraiser is really coming, as that television that shows that red silhouette at the end is part of the first Hellraiser movie:

dead by daylight leaksbydaylight hellraiser dbd chapter behaviour pinhead cenobites pinhead killer

Also in the top corner of the television in the Dead by Daylight teaser there is a number "1987" which is the year of the release of the first Hellraiser film.

I remind you that the PTB is scheduled for the 17th, and that at the moment there are no survivors 'connected' to the chapter.

Are you excited about it?