The next chapter of Dead by Daylight will be original, will be released on November 30 and you can test it in PTB on November 9.

There will be a new skin for Ghostface, (it should be a skin to promote the new film to be released on January 14), a new skin for Yun-Jin, a new skin for Felix, a new skin for Spirit, a new skin for Mikaela and a new skin for Blight.

The new killer will have 4 common outfits (that is only the body piece), 3 common outfits (that is only head and body pieces), 2 rare outfits and 1 very rare outfits.

The new survivor will have 4 common outfits (ie only torso and legs pieces), 3 common outfits, 2 rare outfits and 1 very rare outfits.

'Ugly Sweaters' will also be released for Yun-Jin, Leon S. Kennedy, Jill Valentine, Mikaela Reid, and the new survivor.

The Trickster and the new killer will receive the skin for the head 'winter eyes', and there will be 2 "special events" charms.

*Note: I remember you that all this is still under development and that therefore everything can still change until the official announcement by Behaviour Interactive.

What do you think about it?