Dead by Daylight – Chapter 24 New Teaser Confirm All Leaks & Lore Reveal + Silent Hill Chapter Part 2/The Evil Within Crossover after Resident Evil Part 2 with Albert Wesker, Wong & Chambers?


Chapter 24 leaks confirmed + silent hill part 2? Read More…

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For those who do not know, recently has been completely leaked the chapter that will be released in June to celebrate the anniversary of the game: killer, survivor, power, perks, anniversary event and more:

And all these leaks have been pretty much confirmed by a new teaser by Dead by Daylight in which the new map 'Garden of Joy' is also named:


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From this teaser we understand even more about the lore of the new chapter, namely that the new survivor, Haddie Kaur, was investigating the cult founded by Otto Stamper (or the real name of the Killer), and the 'The Dredge' (the name of the killer) is his manifestation, or simply the manifestation of all the members of this cult.

The lore behind this new chapter seems inspired by Silent Hill, or even The Evil Within.

Even if the leaks regarding Chapter 25 and 26 turn out to be real...: would be the first time that the collaboration with a license would be repeated, and in the case of Resident Evil, this makes sense because there are other characters that Behaviour Interactive can use to do other chapters above, after the chapter with Wesker in fact they could also make another one with Mr. X and two other survivors.

And since Chapter 24 is probably inspired by Silent Hill, could this be a clue to a new chapter concerning Silent Hill again? There are so many creatures they could use as a new killer.

Or it could be the time of The Evil Within, I told you some time ago about a probable chapter in collaboration with this game, in the same article I anticipated for a few months the collaboration with Hellraiser:

Would you like a new chapter on Silent Hill? or would you prefer a chapter on The Evil Within?

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