Dead by Daylight Leaks – CHAPTER 25 & 26 LEAKED: Resident Evil License with Wesker as Killer and Two Survivors + Chapter 26 Original: ‘Knight’ Killer!


Chapter 25 & Chapter 26 Leaked! Read More…

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After the leaks on chapter 24 to celebrate the sixth anniversary of the game:

Chapters 25 and 26 have also been leaked, one of which will be licensed.

Chapter 25 will be another collaboration with Capcom, in fact Ada Wong and Rebecca Chambers will come into the game as survivors and Albert Wesker as Killer.

Chapter 26 will be original and the killer will be called "Knight".

*Note: I remind you that all this is still in the production phase and that therefore everything can change until the official announcement.

What do you think about it?

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