Dead by Daylight Leaks – The Chapter 26 will be Original: Leaked info about the Killer


Info leaked about Chapter 26. Read More…

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After today's leaks about power, perks, skins, biographies and much more on the new chapter in collaboration with Capcom that will bring Albert Wesker, Ada Wong & Rebecca Chambers on Dead by Daylight, and after the Stranger Things gameplay leaks with the old characters and a new map, there is also information regarding chapter 26:

For now the information on chapter 26 are very few as there are still about 5 months to release, what is known is that he will be a Knight and will not be a female character, but will be a male knight.

This is all that is known for now on chapter 26.

What do you think about it? Would you prefer another licensed chapter or are you happy that it is original? In your opinion what power will it have?
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