Dead by Daylight – Three more clues about the Candyman Chapter

It really seems that Candyman is the next licensed killer to arrive on Dead by Daylight.


One of the Dead by Daylight community managers made the following tweet:

Notice something strange? to the verb "be" he added a second "e", making it become "bee", and as you know, bees are the main characteristic of Candyman.
There is also another clue in the same tweet, the word "sweet" in reference most likely to the sweetness of honey bee.


Do you remember that last year's anniversary banner had the 3 that reminded a lot of the 3 of Scream? In fact there was then the chapter with Ghostface. This year the banner linked to the fourth anniversary of Dead by Daylight presents a 4 with a golden color:

That golden number 4 is very reminiscent of another banner, that of the new Candyman film coming out this year, which has a hook with honey bee on it, which make it partly golden:


To celebrate April 1st, in the official dead by daylight discord, many rooms, many roles and also the name of the server they had been renamed, with the word "bee", for example the name of the server had become "Dead bee Daylight":

Thanks to @Mythicallic for these screens!

What do you think about it? You're excited to find out what the next Dead by Daylight killer will bee?

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