Dead by Daylight Comic Books Announced in Collaboration with Titan Comics!

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Behaviour interactive has been trying for a long time to expand the Dead by Daylight community in all possible ways, probably because it has realized that it is starting to be an 'old' game, and so the only way to keep the user active is to find new ways to expand the community, as you know, it is a type of game that always needs people connected to play, otherwise it would die.

Dead by Daylight was initially anchored in collaborations with products that were part of the slasher horror world, then collaborating with Myers, Leatherface, Krueger etc. but sooner or later it would come to not know who to collaborate with, after Behaviour entered into collaboration agreements with all the iconic Slasher horror characters of the 1980s, so they began to expand the way they chose collaborations, thus starting to collaborate not only with slasher horror products, then comes the first collaboration 'different' from the others: the one with Stranger Things by Netflix.

From then on, the community expands incredibly, Dead by Daylight becomes more and more known and this probably makes developers understand that the important thing is not to make collaborations only with the world of horror/slasher products, but simply release cured and working products.

After collaborating with Stranger Things, Dead by Daylight Game Director Mathieu Cote made an important statement: 'Dead by Daylight has no limits, we can collaborate with anyone', and so it was.

The first collaborations with other video games, such as Silent Hill, Resident Evil, For Honor, PUBG, and even Anime/Comics, with the collaboration with Attack On Titan, also arrived.

Not only that, it also expands the vision of the developers on the creation of killers, which was initially anchored in the perception that due to technical limits, the killers could only be humanoids, but, arrives, after years, the first creature killer: The Dredge.

With the first collaboration between Dead by Daylight and a comic, probably in Behaviour Interactive they thought that maybe a comic about the characters of the game could interest the community, and then it is officially announced the collaboration with Titan Comics for the production of comic books that will talk about the stories of the original characters of the game.

The first character chosen will be The Legion, will be a prequel story and the comic book will be available both digitally and physically, and will be released in March 2023.

For the uninitiated, in the lore of Dead by Daylight 'The Legion' there was a group of violent teenagers called Frank, Julie, Joey and Susie, so because of the nature of the character, Mathieu Côté thought it was the best story from which to start producing these comics, to better explain the origins of this group:
"Comic books hold a special place in my heart as with many people on the team. What an awesome time for Dead by Daylight, appearing in this format for the first time. The Legion is quite an interesting set of characters. They are great to dig into since they embody the very universal themes of teen angst, rage and revenge," said Côté. "Seeing our stories and characters coming to life on the page is a wonderful feeling and we hope our fans will appreciate it as much as we do. Stay tuned!"
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What do you think about it?
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