In the mid-chapter 22.5 (that will be released on January 25th) there will be the following skin:
Feng Min, Meg Thomas and Huntress, will receive new skins on January 25;
Jake Park and Yui Kimura will receive new Skins on January 27;
David King, The Trickster, Kate Denson, and Dwight Fairfield will receive new skins on February 10.

The Yui Kimura, Meg Thomas, David King & Feng Min Cosmetics they will costs 1080 auric cells/21600 Shards.

Huntress skins it will costs 1485 auric cells and there will also be a new lullaby with this upcoming skin.

Trickster skin will cost 1485 auric cells/29700 shards, and the Kate Denson skin will cost 1080 auric cells.

Are you excited about all this upcoming skins?