Dead by Daylight Leaks – Cybil Bennett Legendary Skins & More!


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Weeks ago I told you about Cheryl getting a new Legendary skin during Chapter 17. And today, that Chapter 17 is out in PTB, there's some interesting information about it.

The legendary skin will be based on Cybil, but at the moment it is not yet possible to see it as the textures are missing, the basics animations have already been loaded, however, the model does not have any texture yet, I made a screen to show it anyway:


• Cheryl Outfit
- Name: Cybil Bennett
- Description: A courageous officer who journeyed through the streets of Silent Hill in an attempt to find a lost little girl.
Collection: Silent Hill Legends

• Meg Outfit
- Name: Oktober Enchantment
- Description: Meg made the most of her city's Oktoberfest celebration, always having an outfit ready.
- Collection: Oktoberfest Collection

• The Blight Outfit
- Name: Sophisticated Slaughter
- Description: A high-class ensemble that still holds the smell of London's smoggy streets.
- Collection: Gentleman Horror Collection

• Kate Outfit
- Name: Lady Volkfest
- Description: Kate never missed a chance to sing at a festival, and she was prepared for Oktoberfest to be a raucous one.
- Collection: Oktoberfest Collection

• Felix Outfit
- Name: Ancestral Roots
- Description: Oktoberfest was more than a beer festival to Feli, it was a part of his heritage.
- Collection: Oktoberfest Collection

What do you think of this new Chapter 17?

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