Months ago I told you that a Dead by Daylight SIM was in development:

And it was officially announced at the sixth anniversary livestream:

After the release of the teaser, information was shared about it.

The game is developed in collaboration with Psyop, the team that developed 'I Love You, Colonel Sanders!'.

The stories told in this new game will not be canonical, will be released in the summer on steam and at the beginning there will be four killers: The Spirit, Trapper, Huntress and Wraith.

The location will be that of the island of furious on which you can flirt with the four killers present at the launch of the game:
"Have you ever wanted to have a drink with the Spectre? Or maybe, I don’t know, take the Slayer out, spend time with the Spirit or find out what really triggers the Hunter? Now you have a chance! Welcome to Furious Island. Your buddies are four killer hotties who, in a deadly and threatening way, hide a great desire for love and romance. Flirt with them, win their hearts and reveal dark secrets. Will you find true love, make friends, or end up in the arms... of death? It’s your choice."

What do you think about this project? Will you play it?

In addition, variants of the new map coming with chapter 24, Garden of Joy, are in development, and as for the Wraith and Meg, new skins are coming, at the moment only on the mobile game (renders by @Dweeteeteet):

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Excited about all this?