Tomorrow, as you well know, there will be the anniversary livestream that, among other things, will reveal the content in chapter 24 along with the new upcoming event and the new tome that will contain a new type of challenges:

And tomorrow, the collaboration between Dead by Daylight and Funko Pop could also be revealed, as it is very requested by the community, and also because tomorrow there will be an event that will present new Funko Pop themed 'horror' called 'Funkoween'.

Also, remaining in the horror theme, yesterday I told you about leaks regarding a new game in development of Silent Hill:

And today new clues have emerged, thanks to another insider in fact it is revealed that one of the projects of Silent Hill currently in development is the Silent Hill Remake 2 entrusted to Bloober Team (those of The Medium, Blair Witch, Layers of Fear and more) which will be in exclusive time on Playstation 5:

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Also, there are those who (RyangoFett_24 on Twitter) pointed out that in one of the leaked images from this new developing game of Silent Hill, there is a girl who looks like one with whom Hideo Kojima was doing Motion Capture last year.

What do you think about it? would you like a new Silent Hill game? and what do you think of Dead by Daylight’s Funko Pop?