Dead by Daylight – Ghost Face: Novel Content or Halloween Blight Skin?


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For about two months I have been telling you about the fact that Ghost Face is getting new content by the end of the year.

R.J. Torbert, the owner of the Ghost Face license, lately enjoys leaving clues on Twitter, and yesterday he left another one:

There are three words I would like to focus on: Halloween, Heat, and Face of Fear.


As you may have read some time ago, I told you about the fact that this year there was going to be a Halloween event, and most likely it will be another Halloween Blight event. Since the skins of the Halloween Blight (Halloween Word) are always on the lava-theme (Heat Word), could it be that Behaviour Interactive has managed to design a similar skin for Ghost Face, which will be released during the Halloween event? A "similar" skin, among other things, has already been made for a licensed character: The Immolation Collection for Pyramid Head.


You will surely remember that in one of the recent Dead by Daylight Community Survey, there was the question of how much you would appreciate a Chapter based on a Novel. And if the first 'test' of appreciation of this type of content will come with Ghost Face?

The Face of Fear is in fact a novel by R.J. Torbert, the Ghost Face license owner, published in 2013. If there is indeed a collaboration with this novel, it would be done solely to bring some content directed from it, so either a survivor, or a map. We know how much controversy there have been due to the fact that the Ghost Face Chapter did not present a Map or a Survivor, will Behaviour Interactive have found a way to fill this void?

This is the synopsis of the novel:

"Ghost Face returns like you've never seen or read before. The village of Port Jefferson, Long Island, NY, is rocked by a kidnapping on the Cross Island Ferry that leads to a series of murders that adds to the mystery. Detective Powers and Johnson, led by Detective Lieutenant Cronin, are pressured by national media, the FBI, and the public to solve the related cases before more innocent lives are lost. Things become tense as the detectives' personal lives become complicated as the mystery unwinds in the case that would become known as The Face of Fear."

What do you think about it? do you like Ghost Face?

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