Dead by Daylight – Hack/Slash Comic Chapter Soon?


Would you like a Chapter on Hack/Slash? Read More…

Dead by Daylight collaborations were initially made with characters from Slasher Films, then with Stranger Things the DBD Universe it has also expanded to TV Series, and with Pyramid Head it opened to collaborations also in the world of Video games. Indeed, collaborations from the world of comics are missing, but it's probably not as far away as you think..

Hack/Slash in fact, the comic book starring Cassandra "Cassie" Hack, written by Tim Seeley, could arrive soon on Dead by Daylight, if fans want it.

A couple of hours ago, a user asked to Tim Seeley on Twitter if he actually would like to collaborate with Dead by Daylight, as in the last recent DbD survey there was a question in reference to chapters taken from comics, and he replied that not only is he interested, but that there has also been a brief discussion between the parties about it:

Obviously this does not mean that Behaviour Interactive is actually working on a chapter with Tim Seeley, but surely there is interest both from the author of Hack/Slash and from the company that produces Dead by Daylight.

Would you like a Chapter based on Comics?
and if so, which Comic Book Chapter would you like on Dead by Daylight?

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3 Years Ago

Cassie Hack on Dead by Daylight? hmm.. would be dope but how many actually know this license?

3 Years Ago
Reply to  Lucas

Yeah, I love Cassie Hack but actually I think few people know him :/