Dead by Daylight – Hellraiser, FNaF, Pennywise, Alien & Candyman Speculations: ‘Confusing’ Viral Marketing – Good Choice or Not?


The ‘Confusing’ Viral Marketing is a brilliant choice? Read More…

To spread clues about Chapter 21, the Dead by Daylight team is adopting a particular strategy: putting clues here and there that concern all the famous franchises, however, confusing the user.


And there are clues that have led users to think also of Hellraiser and FnAF:


What suggest that Hellraiser could be the license coming to Dead by Daylight, are mainly four reasons:

- The letters left as clues on socials are all part of the word Hellraiser;

- In one of the teasers released on socials, there was an Ace locked in a cage, which could be a clear reference to the cube in which Pinhead is locked;

- The Game Director of Dead by Daylight is one of the biggest fans of the Saga and has expressed his willingness to bring that saga to Dead by Daylight many times;

- In the last teaser released yesterday in which the letter E was contained, there was also a pin that doesn't exist in the game, which could be a clear reference to Pinhead, the protagonist of the Hellraiser saga, who has so many pins on his head, from which in fact derives its name:

dead by daylight hellraiser hint chapter leaksbydaylight dbd pinhead killer pennywise candyman


The reasons people started thinking that FNaF might be the next license coming to Dead by Daylight are two in particular:

- The reveal of the name 'Springtrap' by the game developer, happened in precisely the same way that the developers of Dead by Daylight are trying to tell us the next chapter coming: that is by playing with the letters. In fact, in 2015, the developer of FNaF made this post on Steam in which he added double letters to some words, which put together formed the writing 'My Name is Springtrap', just like the Dead by Daylight team did, doing letter-based teasing and also adding two double letters to the word 'circus' in one of the teasers:

dead by daylight five nights at freddys chapter dbd behaviour scott spingtrap crossover behaviour leaksbydaylight

- About a month ago in the archive, a challenge was discovered with a name that contains the words "Spring" and "Trap", causing suspicion of a teasing for an upcoming FNaF chapter, and also, in the teasers released in these days, some have noticed a figure resembling springtrap's face and the Ace 'trapped' in the cell which may be a reference to the name 'springtrap':

springtrap dead by daylight fnaf chapter leaksbydaylight dbd killer behaviour
springtrap dead by daylight fnaf chapter leaksbydaylight dbd killer behaviour teaser

What do you think about it? do you like this strategy that "confuses" the user by making him speculate on several licenses at the same time, or would you prefer more direct teasers on the content that is actually coming into the game?

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