Dead by Daylight – Hint from Behaviour Interactive Creative Director about Stephen King Collaboration for Anniversary 6th Chapter 24: IT Pennywise, Jack Torrance The Shining, Carrie, Firestarter Chapter?


Stephen King Collaboration for Chapter 24? Read More…

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The Creative Director of Dead by Daylight, Dave Richard, did an exclusive interview with in which he talked about many interesting things, especially one: the collaboration with Stephen King:

"In the past, we have mentioned some franchises that we want to work on. Of course, we're a big team and we share a love for horror video games, movies and even novels. We all have dream collaborations and iconic moments that we'd like to replicate in Dead by Daylight. "Personally, I am a giant fan of the Stephen King universe and the villains from his books. I would love to be able to do one of his monsters at some point, I think that would be amazing. It's such a great universe and there are so many different possibilities we could explore."

There are many examples of truly existing products initially anticipated by similar statements. Just the last similar event happened with Tom Holland, the actor who currently plays Spider-Man: a few weeks ago he made a statement talking about how he would like to be part of a film adaptation of Jak & Daxter, historical saga of Naughty Dog (the same studio that also created Uncharted, to which Tom Holland has just worked on the film adaptation released in these days at the cinema), and a few days later, the Director of the Uncharted film confirmed that he and Tom Holland are working on the adaptation of Jak & Daxter.

The same thing could happen here, which is the Creative Director talking about something that would like to work just to tease something that will actually be announced later.

In addition, in recent years, in the June chapter, since it is also the anniversary of the game, it has always been celebrated with a licensed chapter, and it is likely that this year there is also a license, since it would not make much sense to use the Ringu license for the March chapter and not for the June chapter, this could therefore mean that they have yet another one to celebrate the sixth anniversary of the game in June.

Also, Dave Richard adds another interesting thing:

"Sometimes, even if both parties really want to work together, it can't happen for legal reasons or just because the timing isn't right. It's sad, but it's the reality of the situation and that's why we are careful about publicly sharing our wish list. Because people might get excited about something we mention and then the deal could fall through, or it never happens".

Could it be a small reference to the Candyman license? where both sides wanted the deal but then for some reason it fell through?

In addition, he says that they are very careful to share with the public their thoughts on the licenses with which they would like to work to avoid disappointment to users who may get excited about something that then never happens. In the same interview, however, he publicly said he wanted to work with Stephen King, so does that mean that there is actually something already? otherwise it would be a nonsense.

Finally he says:

"We try to chase IPs that we love and have affection for. Because we want to be able to convince the licence holders that we are true fans, that we understand their franchises, and that we can be trusted to handle them properly."

He concludes the interview by saying that they like to work on licenses for which they are really fans and with which they have particular affection, just like those of Stephen King who just said he was a great fan and with whom he would like to work.

What do you think about all this? Would you like a chapter based on one of Stephen King’s creatures?

Finally, let me tell you something else, this year there will be a film based on a novel by Stephen King: Firestarter. Could this be the license that Behaviour Interactive is working on? would be a way to promote the film as well.

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