Dead by Daylight Leaks – The Huntress Legendary Cosmetic Leaked + New Lullaby & Tome X Licensed Saw + New Glyph Challenge Leaked


Leaked info about upcoming Tome X & Huntress Legendary Skin. Read More…

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As I told you a few months ago with that old article, the Tome X will be based on the license of Saw, in fact the characters to be part of it will be The Pig & David Tapp.

The other two characters will be Nea & The Hillbilly, but the latter two will not receive lore.

In addition, with this new tome are introduced new challenges called "White Glyph": after interacting with them, you will receive a 'Pocket Mirror' that will be taken to the basement without breaking it, ie avoiding getting hit by the killer, jump rushed windows, pallet vault, and rushed locker entrance.

The name and description of the challenge will be:
'Glyph Caretaker: Commune with 1 White Glyph(s). Selecting this challenge generates a fragile White Glyph. Take it to a dangerous place without Rushing, falling or being injured'.

Finally, The Huntress will receive a legendary skin soon, which will also have a new lullaby different from the default one.

Are you excited about all this?

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