Dead by Daylight Leaks – Oktoberfest Collection & Cybil Bennett Legendary In-Game Leaks + The Blight Chase Music & Lobby Music, KingKong Torso and Anniversary Crown for Blight and Felix


In-Game Leaks about upcoming collections + Chapter 17 Music! Read More…

As you well know, in the coming weeks two new collections will arrive on Dead by Daylight, the first dedicated to Oktoberfest and which will have skins for Felix Richter, Meg Thomas and Kate Denson, and the other collection dedicated to Cheryl Mason with the Cybil Bennett Legendary skin.

Today I show you what these in-game skins look like + two new skins named "KingKong" which will be for Meg and Dwight, and, finally, for those who have asked me, The Blight Chase Music and Lobby Music.


Cybil Bennett's Legendary Skin will cost 1485 Auric Cells and will be released on September 25th. Oktoberfest Collections will be released on September 11, Kate's Skin will be a Set (so you won't be able to buy individual pieces of the skin) and will cost 1080 Auric Cells. The skins for Felix Richter and Meg Thomas will not be Sets and you can buy them for 1080 Auric Cells or 21600 Shards.

*Note: The prices in the description screens are just placeholders, and I remind you that all this is still under development and therefore prices and release dates can change at any time.


• The Blight Lobby Music:

• The Blight Chase Music:

Finally, I would like to point out that the skins of the Anniversary Crown have also been added for The Blight and Felix Richter:

What do you think of this new chapter?

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