Dead by Daylight Leaks – James Sunderland Audio Leaked + All Leaked Cosmetics from Mid-Chapter 21.5


All leaks about Mid-Chapter 21.5. Read More…

Yesterday I told you that James Sunderland is coming to Dead by Daylight.
These are the vocal lines of him:

Moreover, new skins for Mikaela (4 common outfits (torso and leg pieces) 3 uncommon outfits, 1 rare outfit, 1 very rare outfit), Hillbilly (set) & Nea will be released on October 19th.

There will be also new skins for Pyramid Head (set, release date on October 26th), Cheryl Mason (James Sunderland Legendary Skins, release date on October 26th) & Nemesis (set, release date on October 28th).

Finally, there will be new torso cosmetics for Elodie, Yui, Zarina, Feng, Claudette, Jane, Adam, Jake, Ace, Kate, Mikaela, Felix, Nea, Yun-Jin, Jeff, David, and 2 Artifact Rarity Charms (exclusive charms e.g. fog whisperers item).

Which cosmetics are you waiting for the most?

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