Dead by Daylight – Future Killers will also have AI Mechanics like Nemesis + Resident Evil Chapter Price & Lady Dimitrescu as Legendary Skin?


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The Resident Evil Chapter brought a new feature to Dead by Daylight, the AI mechanic, which allowed the nemesis to have a power connected to animated zombies that circle the map.

The Creative Director, Dave Richard, lets us know that Nemesis will not be the only killer to take advantage of this mechanic, but that there will be other killers in the future who will use it, but in totally unique ways, which will different from how it was used for the Resident Evil Chapter:

"Like anything we build in Dead by Daylight, we create new tools we can use in the future."

Old characters from Resident Evil were chosen (and therefore not new characters from Resident Evil Village) because:

"It was important to have what is considered classic in the world of Resident Evil, which is why we went for the remakes of the earlier games: the emotion, the memory of these titles we played when we were younger or that fans have experienced more recently."

Additionally, he was asked if Lady Dimitrescu will be able to come to Dead by Daylight as a outfit set (legendary skin), and his answer was "I can't answer that today".

Which could mean that they are actually thinking of a way to introduce her to Dead by Daylight.

Finally, I remind you that the Resident Evil Chapter will be released on June 15th, and will cost $11.99

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