Dead by Daylight – Upcoming Killers & Perks Changes, Nintendo Switch Cross-Progression Release Period, Matchmaking, UI and More!


This is a summary of the recent Devs Q&A Livestream. Read More…

Yesterday there was a devs Q&A livestream.

This is a summary about the most important things said yesterday:


• Last year they announced some changes regarding the early game, they said that what they had in mind has actually evolved into something else that will be presented later.

• They are working to modify the second phase of the hook to prevent survivors from dying from not pressing a button too many times consecutively or due to lag/fps drop in that phase.

• New game modes are not planned.

• The Blight POV will be fixed in the patch that will come out with the new chapter.

• Elodie's scream is a bug that will be fixed.

• The next killers getting changes will be Freddy Krueger, The Demogorgon and The Huntress. After the Clown it will be the Demogorgon's turn.

Object Of Obsession and Decisive Strike will getting changes. Sneak peek, but is not the final version:

object of obsession dead by daylight perk changes leaksbydaylight dev stream summary
decisive strike dead by daylight perk changes leaksbydaylight dev stream summary


• The team is working on improving FPS on Nintendo Switch and
the cross-progression is scheduled for Q2 2021 (April/June).

• In the new UI, the killer has less information on the screen than the survivor because they didn't want to encourage tunneling. They will also listen to feedback after the official release of the new UI on all platforms to see if there is a need for changes. Also, customizing UI is something they want to work on but won't be in the foreseeable future.

• Matchmaking is slower at night because at night there are many more survivors and far fewer killers, they are looking for a way to improve the queue during that phase of the day. Also, they did not want to give any information on how the new matchmaking will work to avoid making people change the style of play, they said it will be based on many more parameters than "you ran away/you died".

• They are working on changing the keys, but they are still at the beginning of the process, so to get official information you will have to wait.

• Even the killers will have a change to the animations, but not as happened for the survivors, as for the survivors only two types of animations had to be updated which are identical for all survivors, while instead the killers each have different types of animations which makes it difficult to update them all. But there will be specific animations that will be changed or updated, like some of the Hillbilly ones.

What do you think of the changes to Decisive Strike and Object of Obsession?

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