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Dead by Daylight Leaks – Chapter 22: The Black Vale Chapter Leaked

The new Chapter on Dead by Daylight is coming, and in fact start the first teasers about it.

After an analysis at the teaser website, the following words "chvk", "blae" and "alet" were discovered by some users, which together form the word "the black vale", probably the new chapter is based on this.

For those who know nothing about it:

The Black Vale are a cult of The Entity in various realities. While appearing in various places, they are rarely elaborated on and never in much depth. They have been described as being a group capable of creating governments and corporations for their own ends and that they seek hidden knowledge capable of transcending humanity to another plane of existence. All members have been shown as wearing a black hooded robe. They have been known to perform human sacrifices, arcane rituals and cruel experimentation. One pair of victims of their experiments; Victor & Charlotte Deshayes, were made to break the neck of a bird, bleed onto roses, sleep over a damp oak branch and have their skulls engraved with an occult incantation.

The Black Vale have been mentioned in the backstories of various characters, such as Élodie Rakoto and Victor & Charlotte Deshayes, as well as in various Tome.

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