Dead by Daylight Leaks – Chapter 23 Leaked: THE CONJURING, The Nun Killer, Ed & Lorraine Warren Survivors?


Chapter 23 leaked. Read More…

After Chapter 22, even Chapter 23 was leaked, it will be based on the license of The Conjuring.

The reason for the leaks concerns a person to whom materials were shown under the NDA and who could not publish, and who instead made it public.

In the twitter account where chapter 22 was leaked (@BlackValeLeaks) was also published an image of the map of chapter 23 that is the Graveyard of the film Conjuring on The Nun, confirming that in March 2022 there will be a new licensed chapter on The Conjuring.

As for the leaks of chapter 22, we can not confirm these as they come from a new account created on twitter to share these images, so as always, wait for an official communication from Behaviour Interactive, also because if this leak were to be true it would not be strange to postpone the chapter because of the leaks, maybe not anymore in March 2022 but in June/September 2022.

Anyway, about the screens leaked:

What do you think about it? are you a Conjuring fan?

Edit: the twitter account has been deleted after announcing it with a tweet.

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