Dead by Daylight Leaks – Two DLCs Leaked: EP1 & EP2 + Tome VIII Characters and 3 new Charms


New info leaked about two new DLC, Tome VIII and new charms! Read More…

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Days ago I told you about the fact that in addition to the Resident Evil DLC, two new DLCs are on the way.

Within the game files there are some references to these two DLCs, namely:

- They are called
EP1 and EP2;
- They are linked to the following chapters: Of Flesh And Mud, Spark of Madness, Curtain Call, Shattered Bloodline, Darkness Among Us, Demise of the Faithful, Cursed Legacy, Chains of Hate, Descend Beyond, A Binding Of Kin, All Kill.

Additionally, Tome VIII will have lore entries about the Observer, Jake and the Clown, and, moreover three new charms will be released soon:

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