Dead by Daylight Leaks – Halloween Event & Next Tome Leaked: Cosmetics, Charms, Dates, Info & More!


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The new tome of Dead by Daylight will be called "CRESCENDO", these are the skins contained within it:

- Unlock the Rift Pass to instantly receive:
• Yun-Jin Rio V - Very Rare
• The Trickster's Night Sky - Very Rare
• The Trickster's Concert Ticket Charm - Uncommon

- Rift Pass Premium Rewards:
• Yun-Jin's Sunny Rosé Outfit - Very Rare
• The Trickster's Dark Summer Outfit - Very Rare
• Feng Min's Nexus Ranger Outfit - Rare
• Mightee One Music Pad Charm - Ultra Rare
• Yun Figurine Charm - Very Rare
• No Spin Lightstick Charm - Very Rare
• Magnum Opus Lightstick Charm - Rare

Plus: 2 more Very Rare, 1 Rare, & 1 Uncommon Outfits, 18 More Charms, 1000 Auric Cells and even more rewards!

- All players can also earn these community outfits for free:
• Elodie's Afropunk Outfits - Very Rare
• The Plague's Maiden of Vanity Outfit - Very Rare
• Pocket Entity Charm - Very Rare
• Heart in a Cage Charm - Very Rare

Plus: even more charms and outfits!

The halloween event is called "Midnight Grove", it will start on the 21st of October and will end on the 4th of November.

The old Halloween items from past years will be back, they can be found in chests and bloodwebs.

There will also be a special tome for Halloween that will contain two levels, the first will be unlocked on 21 October and will allow you to obtain special cosmetics for the Doctor and for Mikaela Reid, along with 3 charms.

The second level will be unlocked on October 28th.

Blighted skins will also return to the shop, along with a halloween-themed loading screen that will temporarily replace the default one.

The Halloween event will spawn on the map halloween-themed generators and hooks, as well as pumpkins that if destroy, you will have a 40% chance to get a 'treat': 'hindered' status effect for 10 seconds, and a 20% chance to get a 'trick': 'Haste' status effect for 10 seconds.

Halloween Lobby Themed + Generator & Hook:

dead by daylight halloween leaksbydaylight dbd hellraiser mikaela reid witch shakespeare pinhead leatherface

Halloween Event Description:

midnight grove dead by daylight halloween event leaksbydaylight dbd behaviour fnaf chapter

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