Dead by Daylight Leaks – Licensed Skins for Huntress, Doctor and Hag + Stranger Things Jonathan Byers Legendary Skin, Tome VII Rift Cosmetics & More


All upcoming skins coming on Dead by Daylight with mid-chapter 19.5. Read More…

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Lots of cool new skins are coming to Dead by Daylight.

The Huntress, the Doctor and the Hag will receive skins in collaboration with Crypt TV, precisely the Mordeo, the Birch, and the Look-See will arrive on Dead by Daylight.

There will also be a legendary skin that will bring Jonathan Byers into the Behaviour Interactive game.

These are the descriptions of all the cosmetics coming in the shop:

• Huntress
- Name: The Mordeo
- Description: Mordeo hunted the unworthy who trespassed into her sacred patch of the forest.
- Collection: The Crypt TV

• Doctor
- Name: The Look-See
- Description: He tore apart those haunted by gried and remorse.
- Collection: The Crypt TV

• Hag
- Name: The Birch Witch
- Description: The wind blew and whispered, a warm breath that stirred an ancient power within her.
- Collection: The Crypt TV

• Steve Harrington | Legendary Skin
- Name: Jonathan Byers
- Description: As Nancy & Jonathan attempt to expose the Hawkins Lab's secret operations, they must admit first what deteriorated their relationship and how to fix it.
- Collection: Moment of Truth

• Nancy Wheeler
- Name: Impulsive Activist
- Description: As Nancy & Jonathan attempt to expose the Hawkins Lab's secret operations, they must admit first what deteriorated their relationship and how to fix it.
- Collection: Moment of Truth

• David King
- Name: Impromptu Beach Photoshoot
- Description: Spotted by a photographer on the beach, he was offered a spot in a trendy menswear photoshoot.
- Collection: Waterfront Massacre

• Nea Karlsson
- Name: Beach Break
- Description: She glided under the rolling waves and gained speed as she crouched, her eyes fixed ahead.
- Collection: Waterfront Massacre

• Dwight Fairfield
- Name: Sunburnt Snooze
- Description: He found a patch of bronze sand to lay down, then lulled by the salty sea breeze, he fell asleep just when the sun reached its zenith.
- Collection: Waterfront Massacre

For those unfamiliar with Crypt TV, it is an American entertainment company focused on the development, production and distribution of horror-themed digital content with an emphasis on monsters and recurring characters in connected universes.

The skin that the Doctor will get will be inspired by the Look-See:

The skin that the Hag will get will be inspired by the Birch:

The skin that the Huntress will get will be inspired by the Mordeo:

Furthermore, these will be the skins present in the Rift of the next Tome:

• Huntress
- Name: Apex Ursine
- Description: The time for hibernating is over. Emerge from your slumber and pursue your prey. Tonight you shall feast on your enemies!
- Collection: Medveditsa

• Blight
- Name: Tragic Monstrosity
- Description: Some could argue that the alchemist hadn't so much destroyed his former self, as he had enhanced it.
- Collection: Tragic Fate

• Plague
- Name: The Maiden Guard
- Description: The robes of the devout women who interrogated those committing dire sins.
- Collection: Forsaken

• Trapper
- Name: Beast of Nature
- Description: The union boys moved their meetings deep into the forest, but Evan was prepared to track his prey.
- Collection: Forest Gloom

• Deathslinger
- Name: One-Shot Bandit
- Description: He doggedly tracked his bounty through the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, cornering him in the town of Silverton.
- Collection: Field Test

• Bill
- Name: Heart of Valor
- Description: There's always that one moment where "I've dealt with worse" no longer applies.
- Collection: Forsaken

• Zarina
- Name: Brooklyn Nights
- Description: An outfit worn during an investigation into a club's illegal gambling scene.
- Collection: Fun Love

• Kate
- Name: Sunshine Queen
- Description: After months touring, she pulled off on a Californian freeway and sauntered to the coast.
- Collection: Waterfront Massacre

• Jeff
- Name: Maniac Rider
- Description: Disillusioned and alienated by the now dystopian and deserted West Coast, Jeff hit the road never to return.
- Collection: Mad Road

• Jane
- Name: The Interviewer Extraordinaire
- Description: "Today, we have a special treat for you on the show. Please welcome..."
- Collection: "A Very Special Episode..."

• Claudette
- Name: Freestyle Claudette
- Description: A full on makeover for the botanist formerly known as Science Girl, worn as part of her city's outdoor theatre festival. Design inspired by Nohequin.
- Collection: Community

• Felix
- Name: Autumn Getaway
- Description: After months of exhausting work, time off to a remote, far-off location is the greatest comfort there is.
- Collection: Jet Set

*Note: I remind you that all this is still in production and therefore all can change until the official announcement.

Are you excited for all this new upcoming cosmetics?

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