Weeks ago I told you that spring sales were coming, today I confirm that they will arrive soon, precisely will begin on March 28 with a 20% discount on auric cells and a 30% discount on shards.

Also, in a recent article I told you that:

April 19th: The Artist, The Blight, Zarina Kassir, Jonah Vasquez and Mikaela Reid will receive a new skin that will cost 1080 Auric Cells/21600 Shards.

April 21st: Nea Karlsson will receive a new skin that will cost 1080 Auric Cells.But There is a news about it: the skins coming on april 19 and april 21 they were postponed to april 27 and May 4, with a probable postponement also for mid-chapter 23.5.

Also i remind you that:
The Characters of Tome XI will be The Twins David King, and in the new rift there will also be a new skin for Feng Min, The Legion, David King, The Twins, Jeff Johansen. There will then be skin recolor for Hillbilly, Dwight, Adam, Nurse, Trickster, Meg and Claudette.

Are you excited about all this?