Dead by Daylight will lose the Leatherface license? + Texas Chainsaw Massacre Game will have several actors & Evil Dead The Game Snowy Map and Single Player News!


News about Leatherface & Evil Dead Games! Read More…

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A few days ago it was announced a new horror multiplayer: The Texas Chain Saw Massacre game.

And there are already news about the development of the game, will in fact have several actors in it, with the first confirmed: Scout Taylor-Compton, who also starred in the Halloween films of Rob Zombie.

Kane Hodder will be in the role of Leatherface, among other things, he played Jason Voorhees in 4 films and made the motion capture of his game.

By the way, since it was announced this game, there is a doubt that is creeping into the community of Dead by Daylight, that is if after the license of Stranger Things, they could also lose that of Leatherface, because of its game in development. What do you think about that?

There are also updates on the game of Evil Dead, will in fact have a single player mode with various missions, and also, the multiplayer mode can be played alone with bots. There will also be a snowy map.

Evil Dead The Game is scheduled for February 2022.

Which of the two games are you most interested in? or are you interested in both?

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