Dead by Daylight Leaks – Upcoming Leatherface Skin ‘Overhaul’, Exclusive feature on Google Stadia + Halloween Sales & New Skin from the Mobile game


New leaks about Halloween Event, Upcoming Sales & the first Leatherface Skin! Read More…

There are new leaks about the Halloween Event, Halloween Sales & an 'Overhaul' about the upcoming Leatherface skin.


Yesterday among the leaks of the skins that will arrive shortly on Dead by Daylight, you have read some information on the first skin that Leatherface will receive, including the name, the description and its release date.

Some have asked me privately what skin Leatherface will get, so now I'll show you an image of how the skin should look + The Mask:


Around the release date of the Halloween Event there will also be some sales that will cover both the PC and the Consoles, the discounts will be on some DLCs and on some skins within the store including the halloween skins of the past events.

The Sales will be 50% and 75%:

*Note: As always I remind you that all this is still in the production phase and that therefore the discount percentage, as well as what will actually be discounted, but also the existence of the discounts itself, is always subject to changes until they are officially announced.


Dead by Daylight, which will arrive on Google Stadia in October, will be the first game to support the Crowd Choice feature.

The Crowd Choice it's a feature which allows content creators on Youtube to interact directly with their fans to make choices that affect their style of play in real time through polls:


Yesterday I pointed out that the mobile version of the game will also have a Halloween event, and that somehow, both the event that will be on Console/PC and the event that will be on Mobile will be somehow connected.

Thanks to Tadix, we discovered that, in addition to the Halloween event, there will also be some skins that will be available in both versions of Dead by Daylight:

And finally, yes, for those who keep asking me in private, the classic Halloween items, the flashlight and the medkit, will be back again this year.

Are you excited for all this upcoming content?

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